We recognize that the cost of housing in the Santa Ynez Valley is exceptionally high, and tuition costs can be challenging even for families that would be considered high income in most other areas of the country.  We believe that your choices in education should not be limited by financial matters, and we would like to make Christian education available to every family wishing to enroll.  The Christian Academy offers financial aid on the basis of financial need and the availability of funds, and we encourage any family that may not be able to meet the standard tuition schedule to apply for a scholarship.

To provide the utmost in confidentiality, we use a third party on-line application process.  This third party is called "FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment." Once your application is filed, it is sent to the Scholarship Committee and processed. Applicants will be contacted by the Business Manager after their review, to discuss the results and your options.

To begin the scholarship process, go directly to the application website at: FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment

Click here for more details and instructions or contact the Business Office at (805) 688-8150.

Please contact the scholarship committee directly at scholarships@syvca.org with any questions you may have regarding the process. It is a confidential conversation and process.