The Academics of SYVCA offer a comprehensive education designed to challenge each student to attain their personal best. We seek to maintain a blend of both academic and enrichment programs. Students receive daily Bible instruction, and every opportunity is taken throughout the course of the day to share and apply Biblical Truth. Our students are supported by a team of excellent, Christian teachers who are experienced and professionally prepared to support the needs of each student. Teachers are able to minister to the whole child, seeking to enrich him spiritually, intellectually, and socially, helping each child establish his unique identity in Christ.

The SYVCA Elementary School (K-5) follows a sequential and integrated curriculum based on a continuum of learning from grade to grade. Learning basic skills and problem-solving strategies are important aspects of the child’s total development. Student projects, presentations, and hands-on activities foster the creative and expressive talents of each student and encourage active learning. Enrichment opportunities include physical education, art, library, computers, and choir.