Teamwork and sportsmanship are important qualities of every athlete, and the most important qualities of SYVCA's athletic program.

Sports Program

The SYVCA Sports Program provides an active environment of organized competition among the other schools in the Santa Ynez Valley Sports League.  We emphasize the fundamental skills of each sport, while encouraging students to use their God-given abilities for His Glory. Students in grades 5-8 are eligible to play in our after school sports program. 

Current sports include:
Basketball (Boys & Girls)
Tennis (Boys & Girls)
Volleyball (Boys & Girls)

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program is geared to meet California State Standards for students in grades K-8 in both required time frames of physical activity per week and course objectives.  Our students participate in activities that develop aerobic capacity, coordination, agility, and balance as well as Christian character and team work.  Students in grades 4-8 participate throughout the year in Presidential Physical Fitness testing to meet Presidential level requirements.