Campus tours and shadow days

The Santa Ynez Valley Christian Academy is now enrolling for grades K-8. Prospective new students are invited to a shadow day so that he or she may experience first-hand what it means to be an Eagle. This can take place while you meet with our Principal Scott Carlton and tour the campus. 

If interested, please call the School Office at (805) 688-3830 or complete the form below to set up an appointment.

What others have to say about the SYV Christian Academy

When we first moved to the Santa Ynez Valley, we know that very soon we’d be looking into a school for our firstborn, who as going to be heading into Kindergarten. As Pastors, we found ourselves surrounded by youth, and every time we met students from SYVCA, we were immensely impressed. Every time they seemed to be further educated that their peers, very respectful and knowledgeable in not only academics but also in just relating to each other and to adults. They were helpful, compassionate, and were always eager to help and serve others, even without being asked. When we looked into SYVCA, we didn’t think it was a possibility or an option for us financially to send our daughter there for kindergarten, but with prayer and the generosity of the school, we were give the opportunity to let our daughter attend Kindergarten. It has only been a few months since she has started school, but we know it is one of the most valuable decisions we will make for the future of our daughter. All of the faculty know her by name, she is excelling in her studies and absolutely loves going to school. The family and the community of the school is amazing, and the reality that her teacher genuinely loves our daughter, cares about her future success, and most importantly, cares that she knows Jesus as her Lord and Savior even as a Kinder means more to us than money can buy. We are honored, grateful, and proud to be a part of the SYVCA family. We believe in what they do and what they provide to every single child that they are entrusted with.
— Justin & Katie Jacobs (Parents)
What are the benefits of 9 years at SYVCA? The most important, of course, is the impact on my daughter’s relationship with Jesus. It made it much easier to leave my 5 year old on that first day of kindergarten, knowing the teachers and staff pray with and for our kids. And then there’s the beyond. Many graduates of the 2010 SYVCA class have held leadership positions in ASB, NCL and sports, excelled in Honors and AP classes, and were honored to be on the Homecoming court during their senior year! As we embark on sending Lauren to college, any regrets or things I would change about my daughter’s primary education? Definitely not! Thank you for the great memories, SYVCA!
— Barbara Porcher (Alumni Parent)
As a parent, many times we wonder if the choices that we make for our little ones are the correct ones. We worry, pray, loose sleep; give it to God to just take it back again. Wondering what school we should send them to. Should they participate in a particular activity. Will they be prepared enough for college? For my 3 children, sending them to the Santa Ynez Valley Christian Academy wiped away all those questions and worries. For my eldest son who is in college, I believe he wouldn’t be doing as well without the preparation that SYVCA laid the foundation for. For my two younger children who are in the middle school program, it has been a blessing to watch them grow academically, spiritually and emotionally. The teachers hold the students to a high standard of academic excellence, building character and integrity while laying an unbreakable foundation in Biblical truth. I am incredibly thankful for the privilege of sending my children to the Santa Ynez Valley Christian Academy... It was the right and best decision yet.
— Cheril Magallanes (Alumni Parent)
When we relocated from Texas to the Santa Ynez Valley in 2007, we were not familiar with any schools in the area. We researched all of the schools (public & private) and selected the Christian Academy based on the Christ-centered education and the warm feeling we received from the staff. The Principal interviewed us personally and made us feel at home immediately. This was a huge move for our children as the public school system in Texas was very strong, so we put in a lot of time and effort to ensure we were putting our kids in the right place. Beyond the Christ-centered education, the aspect we really liked was the small class sizes and the personal attention to each student.
Our oldest daughter graduated from the Christian Academy in 2009 was accepted to four major universities and is now in her Freshman year at Azuza Pacific University (APU). After graduating with honor from the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School, she wanted to get back to a faith-based education. She thrived during her first semester at APU, and we attribute her success in college to the strong academic and spiritual foundation that was set during her years at the Christian Academy. Our middle child graduated from the Christian Academy in 2013 and is now excelling academically as a freshmen in high school, and our youngest is in 1st grade. We’re excited to have him go through K-8th grade at the Christian Academy.
— Nick & Shani Gianis (Alumni Parents)