The SALT program at the Santa Ynez Valley Christian Academy (SYVCA) is designed to meet the needs of our school, to keep costs down, and to give parents the opportunity to be actively involved in the total education process. Developing strong parent involvement at all grade levels has proven to be a crucial way to strengthen school programs and increase student achievement. When students see how much their parent’s value school, it heightens their interest too.

We ask each full-time family to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours of school service during the year. Hours may be served between August 1 and May 31. The process begins with signing up for volunteer opportunities and areas of interest during Registration Day and/or Back to School Night. Hours served in excess of 20 may be gifted to another family, with the consent of the Administration, and with a maximum of 10 gifted hours. There is no roll-over from year to year.

SALT hours are mandatory. If the 20 hour requirement is not met by the end of May, families will be billed at a rate of $20 per hour for any unserved hours. Payment is due by the end of the school year. All SALT monies raised are used for facilities upkeep and repair.

Each family is responsible for tracking and recording their hours served in the SALT Binder located in the main School Office. School staff does not keep track of any volunteer hours for families. Any discrepancies at the end of the school year will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.