Our Purpose

The purpose of the Santa Ynez Valley Christian Academy is to educate and develop the whole child for the glory of God.

Our Mission

In cooperation with parents and local churches, the mission is to inspire, prepare, and safeguard the minds of youth through excellence in Christ-centered education.

Christian Educational Philosophy

The distinctive goal of the Santa Ynez Valley Christian Academy is to use the curriculum as a means to help students grow in their expression and understanding of a Christian worldview and in their knowledge of God.  In all subject areas, SYVCA strives to personalize students’ understanding of their relationship to God’s creation and their need for the redemptive love of Jesus Christ. 
The students’ knowledge of God will be demonstrated in their reverential awe of Him, their love for Him and their increasing praise and service to Him.  In addition to learning the academic information commonly taught in school, students need to learn knowledge in the context of its true meaning, which reveals God and calls for a response to Him.